Amazon Is Coming For You

  To market to market to buy a fat pig. Business Insider has a daily blog, called Closing Bell, which gives a quick summary of the day's events and links to top stories. Here is how they described yesterday: "Thursday didn't get off to a good start. On Thursday morning, Apple was down as much … Continue reading Amazon Is Coming For You


You can Bank on Profits

"Revenues of 22.2 billion Dollars produced net income of 5.8 billion Dollars, diluted earnings per share clocked 107 US cents, up 6 percent from the prior reporting period. Total average loans grew only a percent to just shy of 957 billion Dollars, what is more interesting is that net deposits grew 5 percent to 1.3 … Continue reading You can Bank on Profits


"With Alcoa reporting numbers after the market close last night, 1Q Earnings Season is now open. Unfortunately the numbers were a miss to estimates and the stock is down 5% in after hours trading. They also lowered their guidance for 2016 sales, lets hope that this is not a theme for other companies reporting numbers. … Continue reading Alchoker