Aquaman Should Invest

  Market Scorecard Friday was just a generally bad day for global markets. The US is now rounding up the cavalry and planning on opening up a second front in this trade war. Mexico is the US's third largest trading partner, so the threat of tariffs is not insignificant for either country; the Mexican Peso … Continue reading Aquaman Should Invest


May Will Stay

  Market Scorecard It has been a tumultuous two days for the UK and their road to Brexit. As expected the current version of the Brexit deal was defeated in the House of Commons. What was surprising was how big the defeat was. Then last night Theresa May's government survived a no-confidence vote. Given that … Continue reading May Will Stay

Beer Goes Green

  Market Scorecard When it rains, it pours. For the South African consumer, you have had to stomach many fuel price hikes this year. What compounds the problem though, is that these higher fuel prices leads to higher inflation, so even less spending power for the consumer. It doesn't end there though, higher inflation means … Continue reading Beer Goes Green