A Caffeine Shot of Dividends

  Market Scorecard Emerging markets saw red across the board as global markets were in risk-off mode yesterday. The good news is that overnight there has been a gear shift back to risk-on. Most of the East is in the green by around 1% this morning. When the market whipsaws like this, I think of … Continue reading A Caffeine Shot of Dividends


Turbulence in the Developing World

  Market Scorecard Logging into my markets homepage this morning, I saw that US markets were basically flat on their close last night. I then switched over to emerging markets, and my screen was flooded with red. Asian markets are down around 2% this morning, with Chinese stocks dropping to a level not seen since … Continue reading Turbulence in the Developing World


  Market Scorecard Given that there are between 193 and 195 countries in the world, depending on how you define it, it makes sense that when you put the politics from one country behind you, another country puts their hand up. This time it is Italy, and their new populist government. The expectation is for … Continue reading Italexit?