Investing in the Wild

  Market Scorecard Well done to Kevin Anderson on getting to the Wimbledon final, and then what a cracker of a World Cup final; normally finals only see one or two goals. Have you seen the image doing the rounds on social media that compares the cost of DSTV and Netflix? What the graphic forgets … Continue reading Investing in the Wild


What is the Earth Sinking About?

  Market Scorecard Happy Friday the 13th! The uphill battle for Teresa May that is Brexit, just got steeper (Trump Says May's Brexit Plan Could 'Kill' Chances for U.S.-U.K. Trade Deal). One of the main selling points for Brexit was the UK being able to better negotiate trade deals by not having EU restrictions. I'm … Continue reading What is the Earth Sinking About?

The Nike Spike

  Market Scorecard Huh? How does that work? If the first thing you saw when you woke up this morning was the below tweet, what would your expected market reaction be? Given how much turmoil Trade war rumours have caused, surely launching a full-on trade war would mean very red markets? Nope! Asian markets are … Continue reading The Nike Spike