$200m and Beyond

  Market Scorecard Thanks to mostly beats from major US companies yesterday, the stock market continued its climb higher, meaning that US stocks closed in record high territory! Locally we are less than 1% away from the phycological 60 000 mark. We were briefly above the mark in January and August last year, and then … Continue reading $200m and Beyond


Watch Your Health

  Market Scorecard All good things have to come to an end. The eight-day green streak in the US ended yesterday with a red day for markets. Locally, our market was flat in the morning, then at 11:30 the Rand strengthened and stocks shot higher. That was the case for most of the day, but … Continue reading Watch Your Health

Yebo Gogo

"Whilst Vodacom is not a broad part of our client portfolios, it certainly does have an important place. Even if earnings don't show material moves higher, the company is likely to continue to show good dividend growth. In an increasingly volatile world, locally that is. Having said that, the company still has a large portion … Continue reading Yebo Gogo